What is the research behind BeneTalk?

Scientific research tells us that the speed at which we speak is important. Speaking too quickly puts demands on parts of the body used to produce speech and can make us harder to understand. Speaking more slowly can help us use different techniques to feel more comfortable. Learning to be flexible with your pace of speaking can improve breathing, help you to resist time pressure, and feel less anxious when communicating.

Benefits of learning to manage your speech rate and understand flexible speech rate. 

• Slower speech can reduce the frequency of stuttering by decreasing the pressure on motor systems used to produce speech (Packman, Onslow, & Menzies, 2009)

• Learning to use a flexible speech rate can help people who stutter to manage breathing while speaking, use pauses and to learn to resist time pressure (Sønsterud, et al., 2020)

• Using slower speech in combination with voluntary stuttering can reduce the frequency of stuttered speech (Davidow, Grossman, & Edge, 2019)

• Learning to adapt speed of speech can help people learn and use soft contacts that help to reduce tension and struggle when speaking (O’Brian et al., 2003)

Research at BeneTalk

We know that learning never stops and we are dedicated to conducting further research to improve our understanding of stuttering. We’re running a study and would like you to get involved! Click here for more information.