Penguin is an app for parents and carers of children who stammer. It gives you the tools to feel more confident about supporting your child and yourself.

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Why Penguin?

We know that parents and carers can worry when a child starts stammering. Penguin gives you immediate support, helping you to navigate the early stages with confidence. Our mission is to keep children communicating confidently and to empower you to make small changes that have a big impact.

Your journey

Penguin provides guidance and support through a 10-day in-app course that you can work through in your own time. We equip you with the essential knowledge you need to feel secure and confident in your ability to help support your child, and yourself.


With Penguin you’ll learn key ways to support your child and yourself. Short videos explain how to create space for talking about stammering, encouraging confident communication, and ways to help struggle or anxiety.


Penguin gives you flexible ideas so that you can make changes that work best for you and your family. Learn at your own pace and revisit any content to refresh your memory.

Developed for families

Penguin has been developed with the input of Action for Stammering Children, NHS Speech Therapists, people who stammer, and plenty of parents and caregivers.

Guided by experts

Penguin content is developed by experts and is based on evidence based practices that have been proven to help support children who stammer and their families.

Designed for busy lives

We know how busy life gets, particularly with young children around. Penguin is designed to fit into busy schedules so even with a hectic schedule you can still feel the benefits.

Get started with Penguin

Download Penguin on Google Play or the Apple App Store and get started learning how you can help your little one. Just search for Penguin: Stammering Support


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Stuttering doesn't mean bad speech, fluency doesn't mean good speech. Healthy communication comes in many forms.

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