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BeneTalk are carrying out a study with the University of Reading at the moment and are planning more research studies into stuttering in the future. If you are interested, please go to

How it helps

Always Available

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Learn Techniques

Personalised therapy and real-time feedback by monitoring breathing and phonation.

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Out-of-the-clinic practice during everyday conversations, even in noisy environments.

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Maintain Consistency

Continuous maintenance and preventative reinforcement that help you stay on track.

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Increase Confidence

Objective performance history & nudges by a buddy bot to improve confidence and give emotional support.

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Wearable, not visible to others so it can be used in challenging speaking situations.

Preview of the BeneTalk™ App.

BeneTalk is a biofeedback device and mobile app to monitor breathing, speech patterns, and provide real-time feedback and performance history tracking, assisting people who stutter to improve their speech during daily activities.

People who stutter do not always experience disruption to their speech. As a result, they only tend to use speech management techniques in difficult speaking situations outside of their comfort zone. However, these techniques are ineffective if only used when fear is high. This is precisely why it is important to remember and practice speech habits as much as possible, even in situations that are not critical.

The harder I practice, the luckier I get.
— Gary Player

How it works

Designed to build habits

BeneTalk™ Wearable

Wear it

Comfortable belt around the chest that tracks your particular breathing and speaking habits during the day.

BeneTalk™ Wearable

Get Real-time Feedback

The belt gives haptic feedback whenever you do not use your breathing or speech techniques during the day, so new correct habits are built.

BeneTalk™ Wearable

Build Habits

Record performance history and set targets to make your learning experience more gentle or intense.

Meet our team

Our mission is to help you.

Jordi Fernandez

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Jon Buford

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Christiane Dehnhardt

Head of Speech & Language Therapy
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Finlay Fletcher

Hardware Engineer
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Ronan Miller

PDRA at the University of Reading
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Anna Oromi

Project Coordinator
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Katie Western

Speech & Language Therapist
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Ross McWalter

Speech and Language Therapy Intern
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Ayo Adesanya

Community Manager
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Our Advisors

Shadi Mahassel

Shadi Mahassel

Product Strategy at Skype
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Koen Vos

Koen Vos

Chief Scientist and Compression Machine Learning Engineer at Microsoft and Skype
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