Who we are

We are a small team of people who stutter, engineers, therapists and researchers who are building products that help transform the lives of people who stutter. We found out that everyone’s speech journey is different and are on a mission to help you find what works best for you, so that you can feel more comfortable and confident when communicating. 

Our vision was inspired by our founder Jordi's experience with stuttering therapy. During therapy, he adopted some useful habits that improved his quality of life but he struggled to maintain his progress on his own. Just like how a fitness tracker helps you stay fit, Jordi wished he could have a speech tracker to remind him to practise and allow him to track all the great progress he was making. So, he took that idea and made it a reality! With our speech tracking app, you will get to know your speech better, be motivated to keep practising and most importantly, feel calmer when it comes to your stutter.

Our team

Jordi Fernandez
CEO & Founder
Yasmin Baba
Anna Oromi
Willemijn Bolks

Our scientific advisors

Dr. David Ward
Principal Researcher at the University of Reading
Dr. Ronan Miller
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Dr. Hilda Sonsterud
Speech therapist
Dr. Sophie Mitchell
Clinical Psychologist
Christiane Dehnhardt
Speech Therapist
Katie Western
Speech Therapist
Kirsten Howells
Speech Therapist

Our partners

Open positions

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