BeneTalk - the app for people who stutter

Stuttering is a neurodevelopmental difference that can affect speech fluency and how people feel about communication. It is shared by approximately 3% of the world’s population and is often stigmatised in society, which can make some people who stutter feel anxious about their speech.

BeneTalk is a mobile app designed for people who stutter, made by a team of people who stutter and stuttering allies.

We believe technology can help support people who stutter and help bring the community together. Here we explain how our app can help in this way.

Apps have become an everyday part of our lives. We use them to communicate with friends, navigate from one place to another, read about the world, and hundreds of other things. For us, stuttering is also something that we interact with on a day-to-day basis. At BeneTalk, we are very aware that stuttering can be an isolating experience and that many people do not have access to support from professionals or the stuttering community. All of us on the team have felt the impact this loneliness can have on our lives. We have also felt the joy that comes with learning to feel more comfortable with stuttering and connecting with other people who stutter to share experiences and support.

At BeneTalk we know that finding reliable information about stuttering can sometimes be hard. We also know that when people take the step to reach out for support, they may be in a difficult place, with many questions they want answering. Some may ask, “how to stop stuttering?” or “what stuttering treatment is available?”, others may query, “how can I be fluent?” or “why do I stutter?”. While the BeneTalk app is not a magic cure for stuttering or a therapy programme whose primary goal is fluency, we do aim to answer these questions through content and exercises that have been developed with experts in the field and based on peer-reviewed research. Our primary goal is to help people who stutter to connect and feel comfortable in communication.

We know that it’s not easy to seek support for the first time, or to learn more about stuttering, or even to meet others who stutter.

No matter where you are on your journey, the BeneTalk app is designed to help you.

Are you looking to learn more about your own speech habits? BeneTalk has speech-tracking technology to provide you with insights.

Are you keen to explore new ways of thinking about stuttering? BeneTalk content is designed to give clear and concise information that can help you in everyday situations.

Are you searching for ways to challenge yourself and stretch your comfort zones? BeneTalk gives you ideas for challenges and helps you reflect on your progress.

Are you interested in embracing your stuttering and moving towards acceptance? BeneTalk is built by people who are proud members of the stuttering community.

Are you looking to connect with other members of the stuttering community? There are BeneTalkers out there waiting to meet you too!

Whatever your personal situation, the BeneTalk app is your pocket companion. It’s there to remind you that you’re not alone, to help you learn how to feel more comfortable in communication, and to invite you to learn to move towards acceptance.

Dr. Ronan Miller

Research Manager