The importance of parents in early stammering

When a child starts stammering we don’t know whether it is a developmental stage they are going through that will stop, or if it  will remain with them as they grow. 8% of children stammer, and around 1% will continue stammering into adulthood.*

We know quite certainly now that stammering is caused by physiological factors, such as genetics and differences in wiring of the brain, compared to children who do not stammer.

As parents we just want the best for our children and to make their struggles go away. I can’t think of a parent of a child who stammers who doesn’t deep down wish it could be taken away from them. I think this can be said for any struggle a child has - eczema, anxiety, issues at school...these things just don’t have a quick fix, no matter how much we try. And often in trying to make them go away we can inadvertently make them worse!

So from a child’s early stage in stammering, parents have an important role, not in trying to make the stammer go away but in ensuring the child continues to grow in confidence in themselves and remains confident in their talking, whether they stammer or not. Penguin helps you identify ways to do this and supports you in implementing these in your family life.

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