Now, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on October 22nd, International Stuttering Awareness Day, to build BeneTalk. You can be a part of this movement and support new, groundbreaking technology!

What you will support

To date, there is no viable technological solution to improve the lives of people who stutter. Up to 3% of the worldwide population stutters[1], and 60% of them suffer from social anxiety disorder. That is 11 times more than the average population!

BeneTalk’s vision is to transform the lives of millions of people who stutter. We want to help eliminate communication barriers, reduce struggle, and stimulate collaborative research into stuttering.

What we are building

Our device is a comfortable belt that can be worn around the chest and tracks the user’s particular breathing and speaking habits during the day. It can be worn in any situation (schools, interviews, public speaking, etc.) since it is not visible to others.

BeneTalk benefits are:  

  • Personalized therapy and real-time (haptic, audio and visual) feedback by monitoring breathing and phonation.
  • Out-of-the-clinic practice during everyday conversations, even in noisy environments (Fitbit for speech).
  • Continuous maintenance and preventive therapy reinforcement helps the user not to relapse.
  • Wearable and invisible to others, it can be used in challenging speaking situations.
  • Objective performance history and nudges by a buddy bot to improve confidence & give emotional support. 

Compared to other computerized feedback devices and apps used during a few hours per day dedicated to "fluency practice", BeneTalk provides the user with continuous awareness of their use of techniques, helping them to gain control in every possible scenario.

The belt will vibrate whenever the user does not use full diaphragmatic support  to breathe and analyses their speaking habits during the day. The app records the user’s performance history, gives visual or haptic feedback on breathing and phonation in real-time and sets personalised targets, so new, correct habits are built. Nudges and encouragement by a Speech Buddy (Bene is the name of our bot) will improve confidence and give emotional support. The app can be customised so the user can make the learning experience more gentle or intensive and set personalised targets. 

We want to be the “Fitbit” for speech, providing affordable personalised therapy on demand and objectively monitoring spoken communication during the day.

The impact of BeneTalk

We know that stuttering has distressing symptoms that deeply affect social and professional interactions. For many, their stutter actively defines life choices. Currently, the average person who stutters requires around 40h of consultation with a speech and language therapist to address issues relating to stuttering. With our device and technology, we expect to drop the number of direct therapy sessions to 0 (or close to 0) with similar or better results, by providing a digital coach and speech tracker on demand. 

Users will learn specific techniques and will eventually be able to detect the probability of re-encountering difficulties. This approach will make the device a proactive solution rather than a reactive one.

Join us!